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Edited Collections

  1. Stotz, K. In press. "Philosophy in the Trenches: From Naturalized Philosophy to Experimental Philosophy (of Science)". Minisymposium. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science A 39 (4).

  2. Stotz, K. and C. Allen (eds, 2008). ‘Reconciling Nature and Nurture in the Study of Behavior and Cognition Research’. Philosophical Psychology, 21 (2; special issue: Proceeding from the NaNu Symposium, IU 2007)

  3. Stotz, K. (ed., 2004). 'Genes, Genomes and Genetic Elements'. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 26 (1, Special issue, papers from two session at the 2003 ISHPSSB meeting)

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Work in Preparation

  1. Stotz, K. (In preparation). A Systems View of Development: The Seamless Web of Interactive Construction. Monograph.

  2. Stotz, K. (In Preparation). ‘Epigenetics, Parental Effects, and Ontogenetic Niche Construction: A Philosophical Analysis of Extended Inheritance. Presented at FDIGS 2008.

  3. Stotz, K. and C. Allen. (In preparation). ‘From Ape to Human: the nurturing of human nature’. Presented at AAP 2008.

  4. Stotz, K. (In preparation). 'Cognitive Niche Construction: From organism-environment systems to extended minds’. Presented at Alife X 2006. Adaptive Behavior.

  5. Stotz, K. (In preparation). ‘Ontogentic Niche construction: From the genetic niche to developmental systems’. Presented at AAP 2006. To be submitted to Developmental Psychobiology.

  6. Stotz, K. (In preparation). ‘How (not) to be a reductionist in a complex universe’. Presented at the Sydney-Tilburg conference 2008. Preprint at PhilSci archive.

  7. Rocha, L., and K. Stotz. (In preparation). ‘Real Life: Stranger than Fiction’. Artificial Life

  8. Griffiths P. E., J. Leach, Stotz, K and P. Ambermoon. (Forthcoming). 'Is there a problem with the public understanding of genetics? Science, Technology and Human Values

  9. Stotz, K. (Forthcoming). ‘2001 and all that: a tale of a third science”. Biology and Philosophy. Preprinted in PhilSci Archive.

  10. Stotz, K. and C. Allen (Submitted). ‘From cell-surface receptors to higher learning: a whole world of experience’. Mind and Language

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Refereed Articles and Book Chapters

  1. Griffiths, P. E. and Stotz, K. (2008). Experimental Philosophy of Science. Philosophy Compass, 3(3), 507-521.

  2. Stotz, K. and P. E. Griffiths (2008). ‘Biohumanities: Rethinking the relationship between biosciences, philosophy and history of science, and society’. Quarterly Review of Biology 83 (1): 37-45.

  3. Stotz, K. (2008). ‘The ingredients for a postgenomic synthesis of nature and nurture’. Philosophical Psychology 21 (3): 359-381.

  4. Griffiths, E.P., K. Stotz, and A. Bostanci. (2007). ‘101 things to do with your genome’. Genomics Network: Newsletter of the ESRC Genomics Network 6:

  5. Griffiths, P.E. and K. Stotz (2007). ‘Gene’. In: Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology, eds. David Hull and Michael Ruse. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 85-102.

  6. Stotz, K. (2006). ‘Molecular epigenesis: distributed specificity as a break in the Central Dogma’. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 26 (4): 527-544.

  7. Griffiths, P. E. and K. Stotz (2006). ‘Genes in the Postgenomic Era’. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 27 (6): 499-521.

  8. Stotz, K. (2006). ‘With genes like that, who needs an environment? Postgenomics’s argument for the “Ontogeny of Information”’. Philosophy of Science 73 (5): 905-917

  9. Stotz, K., A. Bostanci and P.E. Griffiths (2006). ‘Tracking the shift to post-genomics’. Community Genetics 9 (2): 190-196.

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  11. Stotz, K. (2005). Geschichte und Positionen der evolutionären Entwicklungsbiologie. In: U. Krohs and G. Toepfer, eds., Philosophie der Biologie. Eine Einführung. Frankfurt/Main, Suhrkamp (swt 1745), 338-356.

  12. Stotz, K. and P.E. Griffiths (2004). Genes: Philosophical analyses put to the test. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 26 (1, Special issue on 'Genes, Genomes and Genetic Elements', ed. by K. Stotz), 5-28.

  13. Stotz, K. and P.E. Griffiths (2004). ‘What is a Gene’. Genomics Network: Newsletter of the ESRC Genomics Network 1(1): 6-7,

  14. Stotz, K., P.E. Griffiths, and R.D. Knight (2004). How scientists conceptualize genes: An empirical study. Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 35 (4), 647-673.

  15. Stotz, K. and P.E. Griffiths (2003). Dancing in the Dark: Evolutionary Psychology and the Argument from Design. In: F. Rauscher and S. Scher, eds., Evolutionary Psychology: Alternative Approaches. Dortrecht: Kluver: 135- 160. Preprint;

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